Class Trips: Field trips are a part of the school curriculum and are planned by the teacher. If a child has special needs, arrangements must be made as soon as the trip is announced. Field trips are a part of each student's experiences designed to correlate and enhance their studies. Transportation is usually by school van. Each student's permission slip is filed in the office. The school or teacher will issue separate notes for field trips.

The adult volunteers are accepting certain jobs to do: Primarily, their most important job is "supervising all the children." This means that they will not bring along siblings. They will also ensure that teachers' directions are implemented. For example, no eating or drinking is allowed on the van. Due to food allergies, don't share food or drink items with the children's classmates. If you need to bring siblings or want to just enjoy yourself, please choose a different day to go. Each class will take the number of chaperons designated by the teacher. We appreciate parents volunteering, but often the bus space is limited.

Overnight Class Trips: Overnight class trips are conducted, as part of the school educational programs, for grade five , but are not guaranteed. Final plans for such trips will be made by the school and announced in the fall. Families will pay for the cost of the trip. The families, upon the principal's approval, may conduct fund raisers to offset the trip's costs. The school will not initiate fundraising efforts, but the principal will assist in scheduling and planning. Learning assignments will be made during the trip. Legal guardians may have the option of keeping their child at home during the trip, but teachers are not required to arrange on-campus supervision. Assignments will be made to cover an equal portion of class work. Students who have caused discipline problems in school may not be allowed to attend. The school will make every attempt to provide a valuable learning experience through the trip. If due to unforeseen circumstances, the trip needs to be cancelled, the school will make the announcement as soon as the cancellation is determined and refund any collected fees.