1. Visitors are required to report to the main office.
  2. Visitors are to sign the visitor's log and remain in the main office until their business is concluded.
Exceptions Are:
  • Agencies in the processed food or staple good deliveries
  • All letters of introduction are to be verified by the secretary in the main office. Visitors are to see the Principal or his/her designee after the letter of introduction has been verified.Visitors are to be issued a visitor pass.
Exceptions Are:
  • Persons to see the principal, assistant principals, counselors, or secretaries in the main office
  1. Visitors who do not desire to follow the above procedures will be referred directly to the principal.
  2. Visitors who are parents or guardians of students enrolled in the school may be allowed to visit classrooms only after the teacher has been made aware of the request and it has been approved by an administrator. In most cases, parent conferences will be held in a designated area in the main office. These conferences should be held before and after school.